Special Sleepers being installed on the track of Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor built for Freight trains. DFC is manufacturing these sleepers, for which two plants have been set up.

Atul Agarwal and Nandita Roy, members of the World Bank two-member team, visited the depot at Ramawa on the second day of the Prayagraj tour. DFC Managing Director Anurag Sachan, who accompanied the team, said that a Special Sleeper is necessary to run the goods train with a wagon of 32 axles load. These sleepers are not made in the plant located in Prayagraj. The Sleepers being built for the DFC track are using excellent cement and high tension line cables.
The plant at Prayagraj manufacture 25 axel tons of loaders. Apart from this, the demand for Sleeper for DFC tracks from Prayagraj plant could not be met. According to the Managing Director, 1000-1200 Sleepers are being made every day at Ramawa plant. The Sleeper of the Ramawa plant is used in track construction between Kanpur and Prayagraj. The Sleepers being built at Pahada plant near Mirzapur are under construction in the track between Prayagraj and Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction.

One and a half km track is being constructed daily between Prayagraj and Kanpur of Dedicated Freight Corridor. The two-member team of World Bank on Friday observed the track being built by the machine in Malwa. The Managing Director of DFC said that the agency that is laying the track has called for the Machine from Austria.