Indore: Ratlam Division has started considering to extend the train running from Indore to Jabalpur upto Ratlam. A proposal has been sent to the Mumbai Railway Zonal Headquarter for extension of this train. If this proposal is approved, then soon this train will be extended to Ratlam. However, the decision over proposal has not been made yet.

Train Number 22191/22192 Indore-Jabalpur-Indore Overnight SF Express runs from Jabalpur to Indore. A proposal has been sent to extend this train upto Ratlam. The train is maintained in Jabalpur itself, so the railways will not have any problem with the extension.
In the proposal sent by the Ratlam Railway Division, the train arriving Indore at 10 AM from Jabalpur, should depart for Ratlam at 10.20 AM. After this, the train arriving Fatehabad Chandrawatiganj Jn at 11.15 AM, Barnagar at 12.02 PM and Ratlam at 12.40 PM. In the Return from Ratlam at 4.40 PM and Barnagar at 5.10 PM, Fatehabad at Chandrawatiganj Jn 5.45 PM and Indore at 6.20 PM.

However, regular trains runs from Ratlam to Indore at 5.10 PM. Ratlam Railway Division, Chief Public Relations Officer JK Jayant said that at present no decision has been taken regarding this train. Several organizations have sought to extend it to Ratlam but the proposal is currently pending for decision.